Born in January 18, 1975, Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa has made his bachellor and master's degree in Philosophy. His MA thesis, called El platonismo de Gottlob Frege y el Mundo 3 de Karl Popper (Gottlob Frege's Platonism and Karl Popper's World 3) is freely available on the web under a Creative Commons License. Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock directed the thesis, and in his recent book A Critical Introduction to the Philosophy of Gottlob Frege, he recommended it to the public. Rosario Barbosa is Proessory of Philosophy at the University of Puerto Rico, Cayey's Campus.  He has dedicated his philosophical career to work on multiple topics at educational and professional levels such as epistemology, husserlian phenomenology, philosophy of science, and ethics.