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This site is created for the purpose sharing ideas on different subjects, specifically those related to academic works in philosophy, religion, and history.  You are invited to read them, print them, or download the material as long as their copyright license is respected.

I am a philosopher, specialized on Epistemology and Philosophy of Science. Other subjects of my field I am interested in are Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Mathematics, Ethics (including Business Ethics and Bioethics), Philosophy of Religion, Phenomenology, Philosophy of the Mind, and Analytic Philosophy in general. Other things that I am interested in, but apart from my field, are History and Bible scholarship. I reject most (not all) forms of the so-called "Postmodernist" theories, although, in many cases, I do recognize some of their role in social criticism. However, I don't consider philosophical doctrines that reject of reason, logic, science, and truth as being serious. I consider anything that goes along the lines of "let's not follow reason / science / logic because it is another discourse / construction /hermeneutic interpretation / etc." as a case of charlatanism and a cop-out, a failure to confront serious sound philosophical, scientific, and historical arguments.

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This website and all its contents were created using free and open source software:   a GNU/Linux operating system (Why don't I call it "Linux operative system"?), GNU Emacs, Drupal, LibreOffice, LaTeX, Kile, LyX, the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), and Inkscape. I also support other free operating systems such as Illumos, FreeBSD, PC-BSD, among others.


Religious Naturalist Association             Unitarian Universalism

I have adopted the views of Liberation Theology, whose advocates struggle for social change in favor of the poor and the oppressed. I consider myself a Religious Naturalist, believing in God as Ultimate Reality where both material and spiritual processes coexist, devoid of anything supernatural. I am also a Unitarian Universalist and uphold the principles of reason and compassion. Following both, Religious Naturalism and Unitarian Universalism, I try to do my very best to be guided and make decisions on the basis of evidence, based on skeptical ethics and scientific principles, hence I promote an evidential faith (a trust in what both reason and scientific evidence provide).

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I am an enthusiastic promoter of science, and the teaching of Neo-Darwinian evolution in public schools. I am against the teaching of any sort of Creationism or Intelligent Design in science courses. Even in the realm of theology, I consider all forms of Creationism and most forms of Intelligent Design to be inherently harmful. The Epic of Creation (the Great Story) provides a richer and far more spiritual, needless to say real, grounds for science and a spiritual life. An adequate understanding of evolutionary processes will help us build a life-giving future for all. I define myself as an ecomodernist, and advocate for renewable sources of energy to reduce the harm of climate change. I also support (at least in the short term) nuclear power along with renewable energy as the optimal form of clean energy to save the planet from global warming and climate change. Although I do support traditional nuclear energy generation, I think that the optimal form of nuclear energy is offered by the Focus Fusion proposal. I highly recommend joining the National Center for Science Education to guarantee a better teaching of both Neo-Darwinian evolution and the reality of climate change. Finally, I actively promote healthy and environmentally safe GMOs for the economic and social good of humankind and the Earth.


Bandera de Puerto Rico

Regarding politics, I regard myself as Progressive, and am politically independent. I also favor and struggle for Puerto Rico's independence from the United States.



I favor free culture and the wise use of copyright, one which respects users right to read, appreciate, enjoy and have access to all sorts of works.  To assure the freedom of all of my readers to read, copy, and share what I write, documents and other files are available under a personal short license, Creative Commons Licenses, or GNU Licenses.


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Although I don't consider myself a hacker, I highly value the hacker ethic, and I promote hacker values in and out the realm of programming. This does not mean I promote cracker values (breaking security,creation of viruses, worms or trojans, or attacking other people through cyberspace). True hackers value their knowledge of programming in their best creative and clever ways to benefit everyone. I promote programs created within the true spirit of hackerdom, such as the GNU/Linux operative system. Here is an example of history of hacker creativity.


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