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It Needs to be Said

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It Needs to be Said


Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa

Never intended to be published in the first place, this book is a compilation of Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa's poetic works, and his growth within this literary genre.

Among his writings you will find:

  The End of Times
  A Gift that is Yours and Mine
  It Needs to be Said
Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa

Pedro M.
Rosario Barbosa

From the Foreword

"I would like to adorn your eyes with Spring's twilight and transform you into the food that is devoured by my senses."
(Quisiera adornar tus ojos con el crepúsculo de la primavera, y transformarte en el alimento que te devora por mis sentidos.)

So opens Rosario's poem "Quisiera", like many of his poems filled with deepest passions of the heart.  With a poetic vision resonating with the same spirits found in the works of Chilean born poet Pablo Neruda, Persian poet Omar Khayyam, and Afghan/Persian poet Rumi, Rosario manages to speak with a voice uniqueely his own.  Many of Rosario's works are filled with a tender eroticism, not lustful, but filled with a combination of physical and spiritual desire that exists in a kind of dreamworld of the heart where passion still exists alongside innocence.  In Rosario's works a kiss is often more than just a sensual touch, but an expression of a deeper connecting between souls that lasts all but too briefly, but leaves a lasting impression within the heart.

~ Fiera Tenkiller
Business Writer

Fiera Monica Tenkiller

Fiera Monica

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