The Eucharistic Embrace of Cosmos

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Cosmic Eucharistic Adoration

Kneeling before You I come as a child
of One Who has never been a shadow to me.
In the deep depths of Wisdom,
I find knowledge in Your very Being.

When, with my eyes, I pick a little wisp of Your sight
where Creator unveils in creation,
my soul flies within discrete tales of time
making the past and the present sacred,
a saintly Story that You display with prime.

From the simplest atom to Cosmos itself
is everything made Holy in Your Name.
And it is through everything that we are,
with our rational feelings and emotional thoughts
that You are revealed,
and with faith I say “I accept You”.

I bow before You, giving my thanks
for what the Logos has done in His Final Meal,
for what has been and will forever be,
emerging within it the might of Hope
carrying humanity’s soul in its travels
to be one with Your Present Being.

So You show Your Face,
that we may subsist and persist
within our Great odyssey of our true Life,
as we walk this seeming lonely path.
In gratitude, I hold Your Hands.

Tonight all of my doubts are answered.
I do not sink in the dark.
Looking at Your eyes
my mind is transformed
into the serene certainty
that I will not be apart from You
now and forever.



Note:  This was written during Eucharistic adoration, June 9, 2012.  As always, I release this work under a Free Cultural Works license:  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, or any later version.

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The Language of Love

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The Language of Love

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

I want to make words out of you,
whose syntax I can use to pronounce
my desires with all of my senses,
and in passion devour your lips.

I have kept the feel of your beating heart.
My tongue’s hidden cryptic language
loves to savor and write on your skin
to spiral chills down your spine,

to make me embrace your hips as time stops,
while you feel racing blood and nerves
intensely flowing among your thighs,
loudly moaning, crying out my name.

I express all of my dreams inside you
as my fingers read the crest of your life.
And as we sense our sweats as they walk
let us translate the flow of our breath,

and the language of love to new heights.

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Intersection of Art and Words

On November 23, 2010, in Poetry, Writings, by prosario2000

Intersection of Art and Words

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Leila A. Fortier

Dedicated to Leila Fortier,
my dear friend and enlightened poet.

You are a blessed point where melodic art
and colorful verses interact.
They both wake up in your heart
after communing with the cosmos
with every breath you take,

And then, end up being a creative universe
to express all your theories
on how to disentangle and intertwine
all its complexities
by letting your heart create works with your hands.

By letting your mind roam and play beside the Creator
you let us have a gist of our heavenly home,
which the hopeful heart has never seen before.

See your own true self,
the one which hides songs in your works,
which let our souls walk and dance
the kind of music that
leaves behind the hateful creeds
of the secret sins of the past.

As priestess of the divine,
keep measuring our questions
with all the rays exhaled from your being
which is
the mysterious gift that the Eternal Love
has inspired in you.

Then, build transparent monuments
absorbed into abstractions of turquoise and gold.
And open the doors where
all the silent, but never simulated,
waters of the truth have always lived.

Smile, and be that gorgeous gift that
you were meant to be, now and forever.

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Soñar bajo el Cielo

On February 15, 2010, in Writings, by prosario2000

Soñar bajo el Cielo

© 2010, Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa

Vida mía:

Quiero que veas el sol despertar el paisaje,
dorando las notas musicales del alba,
y suavizando las dulces horas del viento.

Abre los ojos, quiero avivar tus sueños.
No olvides el esplendor de anoche
cuando te transmutó el río celestial
en un torrente estelar de aguaceros.

Abandónate a la verdad de tu fantasía,
en la que viviré aferrado a la dicha
de mojar nuestras ilusiones bajo el cielo.

Quisiera vivir insistiendo en la alegría
de vivir sigiloso y oculto entre tus brazos,
y trazar aquellos senderos de tu cuerpo
por donde mis labios caminarán descalzos.

Encenderé tu piel en ardientes llamas,
Mientras que con alas te conduzco a los cielos.
Y para ahogarme entre tus amores
reptaré silenciosamente por tu pecho.

Estoy listo para llenar de miel tus ensueños,
para arrancar de ti la confesión de tu amor,
y en medio de clamores e incesantes besos,
ante el astro en la cima, un areito bailaremos.

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