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Recently I’ve been reading much of QuestionCopyright.org’s website, listening to Richard Stallman’s MIT speech "Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks" (here is the written version), and reflecting on Cory Doctorow’s "eBooks: Neither e nor Books" and Nina Paley’s blog about the subject. After all of that, I decided to make available for free (as Stallman would say: "Free" as in "free speech" and "free" as "free beer") all of the eBook versions available (PDF, DjVu, and ODF).

In general, I’m combining two different ideas. First, when my book becomes freely available to the public, and it is able to "spread it around", there will be a better chance that it will be read. The problem with using the "All rights reserved" version of copyright is that it condemns you to obscurity (as Cory Doctorow points out), especially in the digital world. So, I made sure of three things:

  1. The formats must be read in any operative system platform (be it proprietary or free). This is the reason why I do not create my eBooks in any proprietary format. The license lets people do the proper modifications of the original file, including proprietary formats, but I do not encourage this behavior. You should not be locked in to a single eReader device.
  2. The files must be DRM-free, so that people can use, modify, and copy the file so that derived works can be created, hence encouraging culture (as it has always done), and also to guarantee the scalability of copying of my work.
  3. The work must be under a license consistent with the Free Cultural Works definition and the Open Knowledge definition, at the same time this license must encourage copyleft. This will not take away what I understand are reader’s fundamental rights regarding eBooks.

This is combined with an idea suggested by Richard Stallman regarding music files. His MIT speech about the subject, he talks about a measure which can be implemented very easily in the case of eBooks. He said that in order to avoid penalizing fans for copying music, the music industry must change its ways of making money. He suggested that you can encourage companies or artists to make music files which, when circulated, include a small disposition which will appear in the listener’s own computer screen (or device) which suggests a dollar donation. It won’t get in the way of enjoying the music, it won’t forbid anyone to do anything. It just sits there, but it serves as a reminder that if a fan likes the music track and wishes to support the artist, it can be good to contribute with a donation.

So, in essence, what I did was to make these eBooks available for free, which will encourage people to copy the file. At the same time, this file has a disposition which is up in a corner, not too visible to bother the reader, but visible enough to remind him or her that they can support my work through a donation. The disposition itself is a hyperlink to the "Donations" page in Creative Heart‘s website. At the same time, if anyone is interested in not having that disposition, that version of the eBook is available for sale. Needless to say that the paperback version of the book is available if they want it. I want the eBook versions of my book "sell themselves" (so-to-speak).

You can download Creative Heart directly in this webpage.

Creative Heart

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A Special Offer: Two of my Poetry Books

On July 21, 2011, in Poetry, Writings, by prosario2000

As you all know, I recently published my book Creative Heart, which is really a continuation of my poetic writing. Today I am making an offer. Not only you can buy the book, but you can also buy a package with all of my poetic works:

It Needs to be SaidCreative Heart

The offer includes signed copies of the book, unsigned copies, and eBook versions. If you want to only want to buy Creative Heart, you also have that option. If you are curious as to the content of the book, know that you can download a sample version for free.


Words from Leila A. Fortier, poet, artist and photographer:

Leila A. Fortier

I feel a deep sense of respect and responsibility not to cage or confine the spirit of his creation which thirsts for communion with heavenly altitudes. Offered instead is a glimpse of the author’s spiritual body which is obsserved and felt within this book. It is a testimony of the ability to transcend limitations within this physical and material world.

to dance on the stars
and speak of your four-dimensional grace

Sparkle all the stars around your Moon,
and bite my steps towards your sight

– Excerpts from "Cosmological Constant"

and secretly transmute my touch
into hundred emotional states.

– Excerpt from "Find Me"

This is the introduction of Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa – not as a man . . . but as a metaphysical composer of this collection of devotional poetry, Creative Heart.

~ Leila A. Fortier
(From the Introduction)

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Book “Creative Heart” Available

On July 15, 2011, in Poetry, Writings, by prosario2000

Creative Heart

Creative Heart is finally here. You can go to its website, view, and download a sample of the book. You also have the option of buying the book … even buying a signed copy. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it 🙂

Leila A. Fortier
Note: The image in the cover is a modified version of Leila A. Fortier’s painting, Nebulous. Please, go to her website and enjoy the paintings, poetry and photographs of this amazing artist and poet.

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New Proposed Book Cover

On July 10, 2011, in Poetry, Writings, by prosario2000

As I have stated in my previous blog post, I’m about to publish a new book called Creative Heart. However, although most people seemed to like the cover, not everyone did. Those who didn’t like it pointed out some I had to concede they were right. So, I redid the cover. I think most people will be satisfied with it. If my aesthetic sense doesn’t fail me, this will be a good cover. Criticisms and suggestions are always welcome.

Second Book Cover

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New Poetry Book: Creative Heart

On July 8, 2011, in Poetry, Writings, by prosario2000

I just wanted to let my readers know that soon, very soon, my new "poetry" book will be published. It will be called Creative Heart. As always, this book will be published in printed format, as well as various digital formats for download namely HTML (it can be fully read in its website), Open Document Format (ODF), PDF, and DjVu. Creative Heart‘s website is up and running, feel free to visit it: http://creative.pmrb.net.

Finally, the cover of the book has been designed. Any feedback and criticism on both the website and the book cover will be very appreciated. Thank you.

Creative Heart

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Preview my Next Book

On January 29, 2011, in Poetry, by prosario2000

In a few weeks (hopefully), I will publish my next book of … umm… "poems" (if they can be called that way). It will be called Creative Heart. I hope you enjoy it.

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Creative Heart

On August 14, 2010, in Poetry, Writings, by prosario2000

Creative Heart

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Dedicated to my dear friend,
Françoise Bennett.

Your mind creates for our own to rise
whenever you write about darkness or sparks,
to then become the keeper of our hearts,
and to devise imaginations which flow and fly.

You shorten our travel to your world of dreams
and like rivulets you turn the sky
into starry streams, where we take a sip
of your poems, as we taste each of its drops.

Never lose your heart in your tears.
Behind the mountains the sun will fall
when its shining rays will hide and go,
but remember it will come back again.

Always stand up and be glad.
Let each day be the happiest in your life.
Do not miss the drops of heaven’s light
showering you with reasons to smile.

Let your soul rest in Him Who is Love,
and also in those who will offer you wings,
to follow you and drive you back home,
where you will enjoy a tender embrace.

Lift the flowers from the ground again,
after you seeded the earth with your words,
and nourish them with torrents of poems,
raising them with the light of your heart.

Let the wind of grace return to you,
and make it a song for your verse to beget,
just as Paris renews itself before you,
and give us the rose of your words every day.

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